Donating to a good cause

My adventure on the Appalachian trail will be 100% funded by me. However I am asking for friends, family and any generous strangers to support me by donating to St Luke’s hospice.
The Appalachian Trail is 2189 miles long and so I have set a personal goal of raising 2189 GBP, 1 pound for each mile I’ll be walking.
Chosing to raise money for St Luke’s will be a big motivating factor for me on the trail, its about making this trip more than just a personal goal for me and turning into something bigger than myself.
To donate please click HERE
About St Luke’s – St. Luke’s Hospice provides care for people living with or affected by cancer and any other advanced life-threatening illness, and is given within the Hospice or at home supported by services at St. Luke’s House, in partnership with patients, carers, families and other professionals. The Hospice aims to provide a caring and homely environment whilst remaining a centre of excellence, where support for patients and families is provided during the illness and after death, without discrimination. For more information please visit
For all of you choose to donate, sincerely, thankyou.

3 thoughts on “Donating to a good cause

  1. Neil ingram Reply

    Hi bro! You amaze me. I’m so proud of you I can’t begin to tell you how much! I wish I was coming with you, but I will be with you every step of the way!! You’ve got this in the bag! Love you Neil.

  2. Ryan Vear Reply

    Good luck Paul. I’m glad you’ve stuck with it and planned this awesome journey. You’re going to smash it!

    1. PIE Reply

      Thanks man! See you soon

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