Update 16/01/2014

So exactly one month from today I will be leaving Helsinki, not to return for up-to seven months. My journey begins visiting friends and family in the UK, eating as much proper British grub as possible (hint hint) and the inevitable emotional goodbyes. From there I spend the best part of twenty four hours travelling to Honolulu, Hawaii to spend a week with the lovely lady. After over a month of being apart i’m sure emotions will be running high, after more eating and hopefully some diving and island hopping it will be time to depart, but lets not talk about that part. Another twenty or so hours will see me in Atlanta, Georgia, the city nearest the start of the trail. A night or two there rounding up last minute supplies, a train journey and minibus shuttle see’s me at the start of the trail, the start of the adventure and the beginning of the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted. Bring it
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    Im so exited!!!!!

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