Ready to GO

So after much frustration, delays and cancellations caused by storms throughout the U.S. I eventually made it from Hawaii to Atlanta. I’ve spent the last couple of days preparing a last few things and catching up with a friend, drinking a few margaritas and exploring more of Atlanta.
Now I’m ready to hit the trail, my official start date is the fifth of March, a couple of days later than planned,┬ánot a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I’m spending one night at The Hiker Hostel near the start of the trail. The hostel is completely full of excited ┬ápeople starting their thru hikes tomorrow or the next day.
I’m feeling good going into the hike, my only slight concern is that my backpack is full to the brim with all my equipment and food for 5 days. It should be fine after a couple of days once I’ve eaten some of the food and after a few weeks on the trail I’m sure I’ll have gotten rid of some items I’m not using. Serves me right for buying the backpack before the rest of my gear.


Thanks for reading and check back soon for my first post from the trail.

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