Happy 4th of July! 1293 miles Done..

895 miles to go…

Pennsylvania is done with and we’re all very happy. The trail in Pennsylvania is famous for being extremely rocky and it certainly is that. We were unfortunate to have some pretty heavy rain and thunderstorms which in turn led to some seriously flooded out trails..

Hiking over sharp rocks and boulder fields is as mentally tiring as it is physically and by the end of the day it feels so good to get my feet out of wet shoes and sit down and relax.

We’ve now passed into New Jersey which will shortly be followed by New York and then Connecticut. Morale is pretty good, feeling physically strong and excited to get closer and closer to the goal. I’m nearly two thirds of the ways done on the trail and what an adventure it’s been so far.

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  1. Neil Reply

    Hi bro, looks amazing!! Enjoy every moment. X

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