“Pitka Kuuma Kesa”

It’s hot! Like really hot! Like 85f/30c some days and often 80% humidity.I’d mentally prepared for cold temperatures at the start and didn’t even consider the summer temperatures much, big mistake. The heat and humidity combined saps your energy, everything you own becomes infused with sweat and never has a chance to dry, snickers bars melt….   I’ve had to apply for a visa extension and it’s been a huge fiasco, ive had a couple of applications rejected due to technicalities with the paperwork. All of the frustrations have been compounded by having sporadic access to the internet and print/postal services as well as the inability to speak to a real human being when calling customer support. For those of you that have been following the YouTube videos I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for my return home. I’m having technical difficulties with uploading videos and so will have to put them on hold. Don’t worry though, I’m still recording footage and I’m planning on stepping up my YouTube game upon my return. Stay tuned…

Apologies for the complaints but… actually never mind, yes I do want to complain, this SUCKS (sometimes)… Just saying..

Aside from all this, things are going well:

  • I’m healthy
  • We let off fireworks for the 4th of July
  • The motel we’re staying in has a pool
  • I can eat Ben and Jerrys without guilt
  • I may have gone skinny dipping in a waterfall

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