Book Review – The Miracle Morning By Hal Elrod

Hiking the Appalachian Trail this summer gave me lots of time to read and listen to audio books. The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod is an interesting read, all about incorporating self development practices into a consistent morning routine to grow as a person and have greater success in life.

I believe personal growth is one of the key areas to work on for overall happiness. I like to learn from other peoples experiences and mistakes, make a few of my own and hopefully come out the other side having grown as a person.

Here are some of My Key Takeaways:


I find that If I have a productive morning then I tend to build on that momentum throughout the day. If I wake up without some structure to my morning then I have a hard time sticking to my daily to do list. My key takeaway from The Miracle Morning is to start the day as you mean to go on. Wake up excited and ready to crush it.

Build good habits

Hal says it takes thirty days to build a new habit, I’ve been doing my miracle morning for just over a month now and I feel like it’s really become a part of my day. By incorporating the “Life SAVERS”(See below) into my morning routine i’m building several positive habits simultaneously.

The “Life S-A-V-E-R-S”

This is a catchy acronym Hal uses to specify the individual habits that should be incorporated into the miracle morning. These are:

S – Silence (Or Meditation)

A – Affirmations (Mantra’s or Positive Self Talk)

V – Visualisations (Envisioning what you want from life)

E – Exercise

R – Reading

S – Scribing (Or writing/Journalling


So What does My Miracle Morning Look Like?

I’ve modified the SAVERS and have changed the order around to best fit me. I work nights, usually returning home at 9am, I start my Miracle Morning as soon as I get home to avoid becoming distracted.

The first thing I do is to read through my Affirmations, these are mantra’s or positive self talk about making changes in my life, one of my current Affirmations is “I am a Task driven, productive person, I am going to kick ass and take names for a living, I am Yoda, Tim Ferris and Arnold Schwarzenegger all rolled into one”. It’s a goofy Affirmation I use to reinforce my beliefs and stay focused on goals I have set for myself.

Next up is Visualisations, I’ve created my own Vision Board using Powerpoint. I’ve aligned the images and phrases on my vision board to match some of my affirmations, reinforcing them through imagery. Some of the images I use are scattered throughout this post.

Exercise is next, I’m fairly consistent in my workout schedule and rarely go a day without hitting the gym, so all I do in the morning is some basic dynamic stretching and twenty strict pushups to get the blood flowing.

Silence or Meditation is next, I discovered the Headspace app which leads you through daily guided meditations that increase in length over time, I love the simple, non “flower power” approach they use. The first few sessions are free and it’s helped me to create a habit of being more aware and focused throughout the day.

After taking some quiet time I jump straight into the brain training games at Lumosity, I’ve been a paid member of Lumosity for over a year and find it helps boost my sharpness, decision making and memory skills. I do brain training in place of Reading as I dedicate some reading time each evening before sleep.

Finally comes Scribing/Writing, I’ve typed this entire blog post during my morning writing sessions. I commit myself to doing a minimum of five minutes every morning and usually end up writing for twenty minutes or more because getting started is the hardest part, as with most things. I use the writing time as a chance to journal if I have stuff on my mind, I work on blog posts or on short stories I’ve been working on.

Financial freedom

So that’s it! I’m usually done within fifty minutes of starting (including 20 minutes of Meditation) and when its over i’ve built good momentum already. I then make coffee and breakfast and start diving into the big tasks for the day.

I highly recommend delving further into the The Miracle Morning if you’re looking to level up your life.

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below, what are some of your morning routines?

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5 thoughts on “Book Review – The Miracle Morning By Hal Elrod

  1. Neil Reply

    Hi Bro
    Interesting read, really like the idea of getting up with a purpose on days off! I have to admit a lazy morning turns into a lazy day for me. I think I could benefit from reading the book, iBooks here we go.

    1. PIE Reply

      Thanks Bro, glad you liked it! Its cool because you can do as little or as much of it as you like, depending on how busy your day is.

  2. My Reply

    What you are doing is super inspiring, I love that you are constantly trying to improve yourself!

    1. PIE Reply

      Thanks, Thats what its all about 😉

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