A Weekend in Estonia

Monday evening we returned from a chilled easter weekend on the Island of Saarenmaa, the largest of Estonia’s islands. A mixed bunch of friends and family spent a few nights at the Mökki (summer cabin), eating, drinking and making merry. It was a welcome change from the relative hustle and bustle of Helsinki.


We drove in a convoy of two cars, taking the two hour ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn, Estonia’s capital. The ferry is notorious for Finns’ heading to the Estonia to fill their cars, trolleys and stomachs with cheap alcohol, it can make for some interesting people watching.

If you can’t beat them join them I say, so of course we picked up some cheap beer and some good whisky, saving the drinking for our arrival.

A two hour drive from Tallinn got us to Virtsu where we caught another short ferry to the island of Saarenmaa. Another ninety minutes in the car saw us arrive at our destination, total journey time of around seven hours.

The cabin itself set back in the woods, basically in the middle of nowhere. It’s one of those places that makes you want to sit by the fire with a glass of wine, go to bed early and sleep late.

Being in such a remote area means the surrounding forests are pretty unspoilt, there’s a good population of Wild Boar, Deer and Elk. Wolves have even been spotted in the area.

The surroundings make for some great short hikes to go on, we walked to a nearby beach one morning for some fresh air, the sun was shining and the tide was low.


A thriving ants nest

The forest was surprisingly alive with life, it seems that spring is coming early to the area.


We spent one morning exploring Saarenmaa’s capital of Kuressaare, a quaint town that you can easily spend a few hours exploring.


In the summertime the market square is full of local vendors selling handmade goods, sheep skins and local produce.


The trip was a good one with plenty of time spent enjoying the sauna, each others company and the simple life. Just as it should be.

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