Every Day Carry Part 1 – The Things I carry on my Person

I actively started thinking about the things I carry with me probably about four or five years ago, this was a result of watching endless Youtube videos into the wee hours of the morning, most of the guys were apparently about to join John Connor in the fight against Skynet.


After a lot of experimentation, bulging pockets (stop it) and a few honest conversations with myself this is what I carry in my pockets and why.


iPhone six – So they’re really expensive and there’s no real ability to upgrade memory but whatever.  It works really well and has a great camera. I find Apple products to be more reliable than the competition and easier to use.

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On my Thru Hike of the Appalachian Trail I used a Lifeproof Fre Case, it protected my phone from rain and the rigours of the trail but it’s too bulky and fiddly for everyday use.

I just picked up this case by Urban Armour Gear, it was affordable, came with a screen protector and offers good protection without being too bulky, it is not waterproof.

My favourite (less ordinary) apps are Overcast for listening to podcasts, Lumosity to make me less dumb than I is and Headspace to coral my brain into a meditative state.


My first flashlight purchase back in the day was the Fenix LD20 2xAA light that was new on the market. This thing is super bright and built to survive the apocalypse. Using two AA batteries means that it’s pretty bulky in the pocket and takes up a lot of room. It was a good start but not perfect. I now use this light as my primary flashlight in my Bugout Bag.

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The next EDC Flashlight purchase I made was the Streamlight Stylus Pro, a 2xAAA flashlight that’s still in my pocket to this day, although i’m on my third one. It meets all of the requirements I’ve set for and EDC flashlight:

  • AAA Batteries – Using AAA batteries means a flashlight will automatically be slimmer.  I only buy flashlights or headlamps that use AA or AAA as these batteries are easy to find wherever you go.
  • Simple to use – The Streamlight Stylus Pro is as simple as it gets, off and on. I have a problem with lights that have eighteen different modes that you’re never going to need
  • Tough and reliable – It works first time, every time. The one weak point is the pocket clip, I’ve lost two of them from my front pocket.
  • Affordable – On Amazon in the US (I always try to buy gear when I visit the states) it runs for eighteen dollars, a steal.

I’m aware there are comparable lights on the market and I’ll test them out eventually but I try not to waste my money on the latest and greatest thing, especially when what you have works SO well already.


I hate bulky keys, I carry only the keys I really need to, I just grab car and motorbike keys when I need them.

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I like having a small multi tool on me, I tried carrying my Leatherman Charge Tti for about an hour when I first got it but it was too bulky and heavy. It now lives in my Red EDC pouch but rarely gets used. The little Leatherman Squirt PS4 on my keychain however gets used regularly, the delicate pliers are perfection.

Also on the keychain is a red Photon Micro Light. It’s a surprisingly bright backup light that can handle ware and tear better than the cheap imitations.


Every boy loves a good knife.

I have a small group of Knives I rotate between. I think it’s easier If I just give a mini review of each one, I think it will highlight my what and why’s pretty well.

I’ll start with the knife that I carry the least down towards the knife I carry the most.

Opinel No.08 – A classic, albeit one I rarely carry. Lightweight and an awesome blade shape. The exposed back of the blade is not something I want rubbing against my overpriced iPhone however.

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Spyderco Persistence – A functional workhorse knife, I love the G10 handles and the large Spyderco Hole makes it quick to open. It’s wide and heavy.

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Ontario RAT 2 – Slim and easy to carry, my favourite locking knife I own. I’ve removed the pocket clip as it became loose and unreliable. Hard to say anything bad about this one.

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Case Knives Medium Stockman – It’s Heavy for it’s size and there’s no need for three separate knife blades but I’ve grown to love this classy, old worldy knife

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Victorinox (Unknown Model) – I’ve had this little guy since I was a boy. It disappears in your pocket and has a nice selection of basic tools. I recently bought a sexy Alox version and lost it in the first week (FML).

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Based on the observations above here are my Everyday Carry Knife requirements going forward:

  • Small and easy to carry
  • Cheap – I sometimes lose things
  • Functional – I don’t need a “Tacticool Blade”, I need something to open packages

Chapstick and Gum


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Zpacks Wallet Zip Pouch

I’ve already written about the Wallet Zip Pouch and why I love it HERE but it’s slim, simple and does what it’s supposed to do really well. The contents are what you would expect, no cool guy stuff.

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So that’s everything that goes in my pockets, stay tuned for Every Day Carry Part 2 – EDC Pouches, where I’ll break down the contents of my two EDC pouches.

I’d really love to hear in the comments below what you think of my everyday carry, am I missing something? Is there a cool gadget you think I should know about? Let me now

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