Every Day Carry Part 2 – Everyday Carry Pouches


This is a quick follow up to my Every Day Carry Part 1 – The Things I carry on my Person post.

Aside from the things I carry in my pockets there are two pouches I carry with me 80% – 90% of the time, I call these my Everyday Carry Pouches. The reason I use a modular system like this is that I’m often switching between bags depending on what I’m doing that day. For example I have a dedicated Work/EDC backpack, a gym bag for BJJ and a small Maxpedition shoulder bag for walking around town. I like knowing I can grab these two pouches, throw them in whatever bag I’m using and have all of my bases covered.

Instead of listing all the items here I think it’s better understood visually so check out the video for the contents, I’ll go a bit further into the thought behind it all here in the article.

Both pouches are Eagle Creek Quarter Cubes, I’ve been using them for about a year and am very happy with them. They’re affordable, come in a range of colours and are really well made. My favourite feature is their clamshell design, when you unzip them and lay them on a table they act like a tray, helping you find the item you need without all the contents spilling out.

The Green Primary Pouch

edc part 2 blog photos_1

This cube is setup to carry things with me that I need on a regular basis, I spend a lot of nights away from home on work so I need certain basic items with me all of the time. This pouch often comes with me when i’m travelling so has some items catered towards travel and also has some “just in case” items included as well.

The Red Secondary Pouch

edc part 2 blog photos_2

The red pouch comes with me when I have the space for it, i.e. if i’m carrying a backpack or larger bag which is about 80% of the time. It’s setup as a first aid kit and has some emergency items included that I don’t have space for in my pockets or in the primary pouch.

As with anything we are always limited by space and weight so when it comes to first aid kits I bring commonly used items like band-aids and then stuff I’d need in a real emergency.
So that’s it, short but sweet, remember to check out the video where I go into the contents of the pouches.

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