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In a few days time me and the lovely lady are off for a five and a half week trip, the first few nights will be spent at Disneyland Paris getting in some quality time with family and riding rollercoasters ’til we’re dizzy. Then from Paris we fly to Taipei, Taiwan to meet up with a couple of friends and see the sights and the last few weeks will be spent island hopping through Indonesia.

This like many of our trips is a real random combination of destinations and activities that should make for a whole bunch of fun but also means we need to plan out what we need to bring with us and what can stay at home.

Gear Requirements for the trip

If you’ve checked out my Singapore Packing List post from a few months ago you’ll notice a lot of similar items on this list, this trip however is a lot longer and should be a fair bit more adventurous so the gear requirements are some what different.

Being away for five weeks means we need to bring a few extra items that we wouldn’t on a shorter trip but we’re still endeavouring to pack minimally.

Like most trips we’ll be doing a fair amount of sightseeing and walking around so the emphasis is definitely on comfort and functionality, especially as we’re expecting warm weather.

We have plenty of activities planned for this trip, some of which have specific gear requirements which I’ll mention here briefly:

  • Diving – We are planning on doing a fair bit of diving on this trip as we’ve heard the diving and snorkelling is great in Indonesia. We don’t own all our own Scuba equipment and we wouldn’t be bringing it even if we did, we will however be bringing our own masks and snorkels as it’s nice to have a mask that fits good and also saves paying to rent them in country.

edited diving 2

  • Day Hiking – We’ll definitely be spending A lot of time outside, we decided not to bring our own camping gear on this trip but will want all the gear necessary for some day hikes and outdoor pursuits. Think sensible footwear, fast drying clothing and gear that can take a little abuse.
  • Yoga – Myself and Michelle really enjoy practicing Yoga, we’ve heard about blissful Yoga retreats in lush jungle surroundings, yes please!
  • Surfing – I’ve tried surfing a handful of times and it never really stuck but when in rome right?
  • Blogging, Vlogging, Photography – With all this fun stuff planned it would be a crime not to share it with you wonderful lot! Stay tuned to the blog and follow me on Youtube and Instagram to follow along on the adventure.

Right, with the ground work laid let’s dive into the gear, I’ll keep it fairly brief and just include any noteworthy stuff or reasons behind bringing specific items.

asia packing final electronics

Electronics And Camera Gear

  • Panasonic Lumix G7 (not shown), Gorillapod and camera accessories
  • Macbook Pro, external hard drive and accessories
  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • DB Power Action Camera and accessories – I’m looking to put this GoPro knockoff through it’s paces on this trip, let’s see how it performs
  • Skross USB Travel Adapter
  • Skross Plug adapter
  • Digital Silence Noise cancelling headphones – I love the idea of noise cancelling headphones for long flights, I picked up this cheap pair from Amazon to test them out
  • X Mini Speaker Headphone – I’ve owned a few of these over the years, they sound good and the battery lasts forever, the cable eventually comes away from the speaker itself after a few years though.
  • Iphone 6 with Life Proof case – I’m not a Huge fan of this case but it’s the best option for dealing with hard knocks, sand and water

asia packing final clothes

Clothing And Footwear

  • Vans Era All Black – The ultimate in multi use footwear
  • Shamma Sandals “Mountain Goat” – Shamma kindly sent me a pair of their sandals for testing and review, I’ve been super impressed with them so far and am looking forward to testing them out thoroughly on this trip
  • Altra Lone Peak running shoes – For active pursuits when the Shamma’s won’t offer enough protection, reviewed here.
  • Levi’s 541 Black jeans – My favourite Jeans of all time
  • Lightweight North Face wind jacket
  • Kuhl Zipup Fleece – I’ll hopefully only be using this on the flights
  • Casual vests x2
  • Linen shirt
  • Cotton T shirts x2
  • Icebreaker Merino Wool T shirt
  • Khaki shorts
  • Ripcurl Mirage Board Shorts – Perfect for all the water adventures
  • North Face Hiking shorts – Lightweight and comfy, suitable for sightseeing and getting off the beaten path
  • Blue Workout Shorts – For sleeping, lounging and working out
  • Trucker cap – Good for keeping the sun off and pretending to be one of those cool surfer guys
  • Buff
  • Black leather belt
  • Underwear x5 – Under Armorx3/Reebok/511 Tactical – All wick sweat well and dry quickly
  • Socks x4 -Short x3 , One pair of compression socks

asia packing final

Toiletries In Ziploc Bag

  • Sunscreen
  • Hair Stuff
  • Body Shop Hemp Moisturiser
  • Toothbrush and Paste
  • Floss Stick
  • Deodorant
  • Vitamins – Got to stay healthy on the road
  • Malaria drugs – Necessary for some parts of Indonesia

asia packing final_1

Miscellaneous Items

  • Sunglasses – Cheap ones i’m not afraid to lose or get scratched up
  • Travel towel – I like a medium size, thin travel towel. They take up very little space and dry super quick.
  • SEAC Dive Mask and Snorkel – Having a mask that fits your face and that you trust not to fog up and can make the difference between a great dive and a frustrating one. It’s also nice to have if we want to go snorkelling without being over charged for rental
  • Lonely planet – I’ve been using lonely planet for years, I think they’re the best guides available for the type of travel I enjoy
  • Dive log
  • Wabooba
  • Cabeau Neck pillow – This is a new item for me, it’s meant to be the best neck pillow around so let’s see.
  • Pocket EDC – Checkout the Post
  • EDC Pouches – Checkout the Post
  • Life venture Travel Money Belt – This will be holding my Passport and all the sensitive travel documents
  • Klean Canteen Water Bottle

asia packing final_3

Packing System

Once I know what gear I’m taking on a trip I figure out the best way for me to carry it all. I’m a backpack geek and so like to have options with me, hence i’m bringing three bags on this trip

  • Tom Bihn 45 – This will be my checked piece of luggage – Click here for the review
  • Kelty Peregrine – Solid Daypack and Hand Luggage
  • Maxpedition Fatboy GTG – Primarily used as a camera bag when i’m out exploring. It packs flat enough to fit inside the Aeronaut when i’m moving from place to place.

asia packing final_2

Stuff Sacks/Packing Cubes

  • Tom Bihn Packing cube backpack – This will be holding the majority of my clothes in my checked bag, it’ll make for a good day pack for the girlfriend if she should need one on the trip – Reviewed here
  • Tom Bihn Travel Laundry stuff sack – This little guy is a stuff sack you can access from both ends and has a self adjustable dividing wall in the middle. When your clothes go from “ok” to “nah I can’t get away with wearing these one more time” you move it over to the other end. They even thought to change the colour of the dirty side to red, denoting “warning, stay away!”
  • Tom Bihn Mesh stuff sack – For electronics and miscellaneous items

Well that’s all folks, I’m going to be blogging and vlogging from the road so be sure to stay tuned over the next couple of weeks.

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