Heart Attack on the Beach and Complaining about Travelling

A Week in Bali.

Don’t worry mum, it wasn’t me or anyone we know having the heart attack.


So originally the plan for this trip was to go hiking in Nepal with Click and Cheesebeard, two good friends from the Appalachian Trail last year. Then Michelle decided she wanted to get involved, then No-Hat from the AT also decided he wanted to come along, ok cool the more the merrier.

Click and Cheesebeard have been thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail this year and have become friends with a guy from Japan who’s also thru hiking. They got the offer to go to Tokyo and decided to spend ten days there before heading to Nepal, it took about an hour for Me and Michelle to decide we wanted a piece of the Tokyo action.

Tokyo and Japan has been on the top of our travel lists for a while so it was impossible to refuse. Michelle’s good friends from Hawaii were currently on a trip in Bali, she was really keen to go visit them and it’s totally on the way to Tokyo from Helsinki right??!!


Phew! What Craziness! So after only being back from our previous trip for just over two months we were back on the road again. I have to say the few days before leaving I felt pretty overwhelmed and unprepared to travel. We decided to finally get our apartment up on Airbnb while we’re travelling so we had to get the apartment tidied, organised and guest friendly. Plus going to work.

And the new season of Jiu Jitsu had just started when we left for the trip, just I was getting back into the flow…

So although all this may seem like i’m complaining about being able to go on these awesome adventures I’m just trying to keep it real. When you travel a lot other areas of your life have to be sacrificed in some ways.

We only have so many hours in a day and only have a certain amount of mental focus. You have to prioritise and find the balance thats right for you in all areas of life.

The Heart Attack

We’ve been primarily staying at Airbnb’s on this trip and it’s been quite refreshing. The fact that there are four of us travelling together has made it more affordable and we get to have quality time together rather than having the distractions that come with a hostel. We found a pretty amazing little spot on “Impossible” beach with the beach straight on our doorstep. Although the beach wasn’t the best for swimming and the place was a little isolated, being able to hear the sounds of the ocean whilst you fall asleep and watch the surfers doing their thing all day totally made up for it.


One morning I awoke to the sound of someone shouting for help. I looked out the window and Michelle and our friends were checking on a guy down on the beach. The resort on the cliff above us had an elevator that came down onto the beach and it appeared a surfer was just trying to get up to his hotel but the lift wasn’t working. Then he came over and said he thought he was having a heart attack. It took a few seconds before we realised he was serious and we jumped into action. He fainted on the beach and was complaining of a tingling sensation all over his body and said he couldn’t feel his hands. While one person tried to call an ambulance and another ran up the steep staircase I put my rusty first aid knowledge to work.


I tried to make our patient as comfortable as possible, I tried to keep him talking and ask him lots of questions. I elevated his feet which he said felt good and we covered him with a blanket. After a lot of confusion and deliberation with his hotel staff we managed to get him up in the elevator and off in the ambulance. We went to check on him the next day and he was still in the hospital but his wife said apparently said it wasn’t a heart attack but that his pulse was extremely low one minute and extremely high the next. This mixed with maybe too much sun and surf and not enough water made for scary results. We received a grateful email from him a few days later updating us of his situation and inviting us all out to his home in Dubai as a thank you.

There was literally no one else on the beach that day so i dare to think what would have happened if we weren’t around.

The things that happen when you travel…


Gado Gado

So apart from this little ordeal the trip has been breezy. Hanging out with good people doing what you would expect of bali, drinking Bintang, lazing on the beach and a little diving and sight seeing. Good times.

Gado Gado if you haven’t heard of it is essentially mixed steamed vegetables served with a boiled egg or two with Peanut Satay sauce over the top. Simple, satisfying and Nam. Like Gado Gado Have it!



Tokyo – Sushi, Sake and reuniting with old friends

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