5 Ways I’m Preparing for the CDT

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Myself, Click and Cheesebeard are setting off on a southbound hike on the Continental Divide Trail in June 2017 and although the hike is a long way off I’m already starting to prepare. I feel a lot of people can benefit from this information whether you’ve completed a thru-hike in the past or not but bare in mind these are MY preparations, your priorities may differ.

Photo by Nicholas Reichard
I completed the Appalachian Trail in 2015 and of course it was a huge learning experience, based on that knowledge here are some things I’m doing to prepare for the CDT.

1 – Research and Reading

I love doing research about topics that interest me, I always have. The wealth of good (and bad) information on long distance hiking has grown rapidly in the past ten years and with some selective reading you can find some real nuggets of wisdom. The CDT is the least documented of the three big hikes in the USA so it can be tricky to find solid information, but it is out there. My main areas of research right now are:
  • Route Planning, GPS Data and Ressuply points
  • Gear requirements for the trip based on temperatures, terrain and other factors
  • Backpacking food recipes and dehydrating techniques
  • Visa Requirements (being a Limey does have some disadvantages)
Researching and Reading encompasses the majority of the prep work at this point, I think it is THE most important factor in preparing for a thru-hike.

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