Hiking in the USA from a European Perspective

I’ve been lucky to spend a lot of time in the USA over the past few years. Working at a summer camp in New York state in 2010 and 2011, road tripping in 2014 and Thru Hiking the AT in 2015. There are some points in here I think many Americans may not realise about their wonderful country. Feel free to agree with me, disagree with me and question me in the comments.

Photo by @cheesebeardhikes

Photo by @cheesebeardhikes

It’s fun to try weird and new American foods, it’s also little disturbing

Trying new foods is one of my favourite things to do when travelling. Some of the weird, wonderful and frankly disturbing options available at the grocery store in the US never ceases to amaze me. For example something I’ve never seen in Europe is “Chicken in a bag”.


It was a great option on the AT, a shelf stable and tasty protein option for mixing in with your evening meal.

Chocolate never gets boring on a long hike so trying all the different candy bar options was great fun, plus when else can you eat as much chocolate as you like! There are a few things I’ve tried and have zero desire to sample again. Kraft Easy Cheese. Cheese in a can? No. I’m good thank you very much. Corn Dogs. I just don’t understand it, I don’t even really know what it is…..


This is an excerpt from an article I wrote for thetrek.com Check out the full article by clicking HERE

4 thoughts on “Hiking in the USA from a European Perspective

  1. Nicky McDougal Reply

    Absolutely, cheese whizz is radioactive, never eat 🙂 As a Brit, now American, I am still shocked by the food here …. that said the seafood and steaks are awesome! Thanks for posting ….

    1. Pie Reply

      Yeah the food is at two completely different ends of the spectrum. Theres terrible junk food and then everything thing you can imagine in Wholefoods. Thanks for the comment. PIE

  2. Arlene (EverReady) Reply

    Pie, I read your article in full. Always great to read your articles or blogs. I suspect there is a typo in your conversion of the cost of a six pack of beer 4 =4.27? I also wonder whether you would have had to get a visa if you had committed to less than a 6 month stay. That is how it worked for us Canadians and one of the reasons why Unhinged and I completed the AT in 5 months.

    1. Pie Reply

      Thanks Everready! No, no Typo. In helsinki a craft beer from a small brewery can cost 4 Euros for one beer. We need visas for anything over 90 days of travel, fine for most situations apart from a long thru hike

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