My Approach to Eating Healthier on the CDT

Hike, Eat, Sleep, Repeat. That’s really all it comes down to when Thru Hiking. Hike as far as you want to, stay fed and get enough rest to enable you to keep hiking day after day.

In My first post on The Trek I talked about all the ways I’m starting to get ready for the CDT. Food was one of the topics I’d be thinking on and this post is where I’m at with it right now.

After six months on the Appalachian trail I got to the point where I knew how I like to eat on the trail. Like most people I ate and will continue to eat staples like Ramen Noodles, Peanut Butter and Granola Bars. On the the AT I did what most people do and resupplied at grocery stores and gas stations.

One thing that is going to be quite different on the CDT is how and where we resupply, we are going to use a combination of resupply methods.

1) When we know we are going to be stopping in a town with a decent grocery store we will resupply there for convenience.


2) When we have a stretch on the CDT that doesn’t have a convenient/decent store we will have pre staged food sent out to us by a friend.

By having our food pre staged it enables us to have a little bit more control over what we eat rather than just buying what’s available in the store.

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