10 Tips to Reduce the Weight of your Backpack

As I start getting my gear squared away for the CDT I was re reading some of my favourite books and watching some Youtube videos to inspire me to keep my pack weight down. I thought I’d write out 10 of my favourite tips for reducing the weight of your pack.

In no way am I a hardcore ultra lighter but my pack’s pretty light, I enjoy cutting weight in certain areas to enable me to carry a luxury or two. Enjoy the post, learn something, but don’t take all this too seriously. It’s all just “stuff” after all.

For those of you like me that learn better visually, Checkout the video.

1 – Look at what Ultralight Thru Hikers Carry

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. People have been carrying lightweight packs for a long time. Look at what these people carry and compare it to your needs and wants. Youtube is your friend.

2 – Take Less Stuff

The simplest way to reduce weight in your backpack is to have less stuff inside it. Ask yourself do I really need this? If it’s a “yes” put it in one pile, a “no” in another and “maybe” in another. You can get rid of the “No” pile straight and probably most of the “Maybes”. Spend some time looking at all the “yes” items and ask yourself again. Do I really need this?

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This is an excerpt from a post I wrote for The Trek. Click this link to read the rest of the post on The Trek


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