I See My First Bear! Update 8

In this latest Update from the trail I see my first Bear! A super exciting moment for me! I hope you enjoy the video, if you do do me a huge favour and hit the like button on Youtube and subscribe to my Youtube page. Thanks for stopping by PIE

10 Things You’ll Miss From “Real Life” When Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Howdy!   Hiking the Appalachian Trail or any of the other long trails means you have A LOT of time to yourself to think, often losing yourself in your thoughts for hours at a time. This can be very beneficial, allowing you to plan for the future or analyse some issues you’ve been dealing with. […]

Adjusting to life at home after Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail

At first being home was pretty strange, however i’ll be honest and say that making the transition from trail life back to so called “normal” hasn’t been as difficult as I expected it to be. I’m going to outline a few of the things that have been challenging for me and offer a few ideas that have been […]

PIE on the Appalachian Trail 2015 – Update 5

Now Im home I can finally start editing together and uploading videos, here’s part 5 in the series. Thanks for taking the time to check it out, do me a huge favour and share with friends and hit the like and subscribe buttons on Youtube! Thanks PIE

The end..

Over six months ago I left from Springer mountain, Georgia heading north and today I climbed to the summit of Mount Katahdin, Maine completing my 2189 mile thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Along the way I’ve met some truly wonderful people and some that I know will continue to be life long friends, thank you, […]

PIE On the Appalachian Trail Update 4

So I’ve finally managed to upload a new video to YouTube, good Wifi is really hit and miss out here. I’m still recording and editing footage as I go and plan on uploading the remaining videos when I’m home. Click HERE to watch the update and don’t forget to like and subscribe

“Pitka Kuuma Kesa”

It’s hot! Like really hot! Like 85f/30c some days and often 80% humidity.I’d mentally prepared for cold temperatures at the start and didn’t even consider the summer temperatures much, big mistake. The heat and humidity combined saps your energy, everything you own becomes infused with sweat and never has a chance to dry, snickers bars […]

Happy 4th of July! 1293 miles Done..

895 miles to go… Pennsylvania is done with and we’re all very happy. The trail in Pennsylvania is famous for being extremely rocky and it certainly is that. We were unfortunate to have some pretty heavy rain and thunderstorms which in turn led to some seriously flooded out trails.. Hiking over sharp rocks and boulder […]