How Conditions on the CDT converted me back to a Mummy Style Sleeping Bag

This post is designed to go hand in hand with my recently released video review of the Big Agnes Orno UL 0F Sleeping bag. Be sure to check out the video It’s late June 2017 and the next day we’re heading out. Four to five months of hiking through some of the wildest areas the […]

10 Tips to Reduce the Weight of your Backpack

As I start getting my gear squared away for the CDT I was re reading some of my favourite books and watching some Youtube videos to inspire me to keep my pack weight down. I thought I’d write out 10 of my favourite tips for reducing the weight of your pack. In no way am […]

My Approach to Eating Healthier on the CDT

Hike, Eat, Sleep, Repeat. That’s really all it comes down to when Thru Hiking. Hike as far as you want to, stay fed and get enough rest to enable you to keep hiking day after day. In My first post on The Trek I talked about all the ways I’m starting to get ready for […]

How to Pack a Backpack for Hiking and Camping

I created this video to share how I like to pack my backpack when I go out in the woods. It’s a collaboration between a bunch of cool backpackers on Youtube, check out my video and all the others in the playlist.

What to Pack for Hiking the Annapurna Circuit

In my somewhat limited research for the Annapurna Circuit I didn’t come across much information on what I should bring on the hike. There was some information on what to bring on a hike to Everest Base camp and there are plenty of similarities but here’s what I brought and why. I’m writing this article […]

Shamma Mountain Goat Review – Barefoot Sandal Greatness

As I’ve mentioned before in previous blog posts and Youtube Videos I’m a big proponent of the barefoot movement, choosing to do away with big clunky shoes as much as possible especially when doing active pursuits. My previous review of the Altra Lone Peak series of running shoes goes through why they are my favourite […]

Z Packs Ultralight Backpacking Gear – Accessories Review  

Howdy! This is a review of some of the accessories I used from Zpacks on my 2015 thru hike. Z Packs are a small cottage backpacking company based out of Melbourne, Florida. They make all their gear from Cuben Fibre (recently renamed Dyneema Composite Fabrics). They’re known for innovative ultralight gear aimed at the ultralight […]

Packing list for a Winter Hike in Finland

If you’ve read my recent post about my Trip to Singapore/Malaysia then you will have seen that myself and the lady went on a short day hike around the island. I realised it was the first time I’d been on any kind of trail since the Appalachian Trail and it reminded me how much I enjoy getting out there and […]

Altra Running Shoes Review – Hiking footwear for the Appalachian Trail

Howdy! This is my review of the Altra Running trail running shoes and a little foot wear philosophy for the Appalachian Trail Boots vs Shoes? Many people still believe it’s necessary to wear big heavy boots when out hiking, this is simply not true. The only benefit of using boots to me is the added […]

Wild Oasis Tent by Six Moon Designs – Appalachian Trail Gear

Howdy! This is my review of the Six Moon Designs Wild Oasis, the tent that I used on my 2015 thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Some Quick Stats The Wild Oasis is a one man,  single walled tarp that setups in a pyramid style The Tent pitches using a single trekking pole, it is not a freestanding tent […]