My Approach to Eating Healthier on the CDT

Hike, Eat, Sleep, Repeat. That’s really all it comes down to when Thru Hiking. Hike as far as you want to, stay fed and get enough rest to enable you to keep hiking day after day. In My first post on The Trek I talked about all the ways I’m starting to get ready for […]

5 Ways I’m Preparing for the CDT

Although the hike is a long way off I’m already starting to prepare. I feel a lot of people can benefit from this information whether you’ve completed a thru-hike in the past or not.

5 Ways to Improve Your Productivity

1 – Writing lists and Setting the Bar Low I’m a list writer, I have a terrible memory so unless something gets written down then it doesn’t usually happen. The lists get longer and longer and when I glance over them I’m hit with a real sense of overwhelm. I’ve got to do all that? What should I do […]