Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef in 2018

I’ve been Scuba diving for about eight years and have been fortunate to dive some amazing places. When people think of coral reef’s and scuba diving, they often think of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. It had been on our dive bucket list for a while and a couple of weeks ago we were able to make […]

Ten Amazing Reasons To Travel The Phillipines

The Diving Ive been fortunate enough to have dived in some amazing places around the world, the Phillipines is challenging for the top spot, currently held by Komodo National Park in Indonesia. During our time in the Philipines we’ve been unlucky with the weather and storms and typhoons in the area made the visibility less […]

Journals from the CDT and an Update

Hello Friends So there hasn’t been much activity on the blog over the past six months due to me Thru – Hiking the Continental Divide Trail in the summer and travelling in Asia since then. The CDT was a phenomenal experience and I shared some of those experiences in a series of Blogs over at The […]

The Wonders of Iceland

From the airport we were picked up by the shuttle service from the Blue Lagoon Spa. They whisked us off to the spa, with our faces pressed against the glass taking in the stark surroundings. If you search for things to do in Iceland, hitting up the Blue Lagoon is at the top of the list for a good reason.

Hiking the Annapurna Circuit

After a long and arduous journey from Tokyo we arrived in Kathmandu, colourful, crazy, congested Kathmandu. After the clean streets and iced coffees of Tokyo, Kathmandu came as a shock. Our taxi ride from the airport to the tourist area of Thamel gave us a taste of what was to come. Crazy driving and traffic, […]

Japan Part 3 – Onsen, Yakitori and a Ninja Temple

We explored another country town that day and the weather was really kind to us, bright sunshine and blue sky’s making for some great views and photography. The village, although it was touristy was still an active small farming community that grew a lot of their own crops. In the early evening we arrived at […]

Japan Part 2 – Sleeping in a 400 year old Japanese house

Toilet Talk So I have to talk about toilets for a second. I’d heard toilet technology was rather advanced in the land of the rising sun but I didn’t realise quite how advanced. So yeah they have like a million different bidet settings including specific ones for the ladies, heated seats to keep your tush […]

Tokyo, I think I love you

As mentioned in a previous post I’ve been wanting to travel to Japan for a long time. I guess it started as a teen with exposure to Anime and then the stylistic view of Japan in Kill Bill. Then I read James Clavell’s Epic – Shogun, a book I highly recommend. Since then Ive been dreaming of […]

Heart Attack on the Beach and Complaining about Travelling

A Week in Bali. Don’t worry mum, it wasn’t me or anyone we know having the heart attack. So originally the plan for this trip was to go hiking in Nepal with Click and Cheesebeard, two good friends from the Appalachian Trail last year. Then Michelle decided she wanted to get involved, then No-Hat from […]

How to Scuba Dive in Komodo National Park

First of all just let me say that Komodo has the best diving I’ve ever done and I’ve been lucky enough to dive some pretty good spots around the world. Although Komodo isn’t as accessible as some other great diving spots it’s totally do-able and definitely worthwhile. There are essentially two options for diving in […]